81 Mıllıon Tl Accumulated In The Housıng Account!

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The interest of the “Housing Account and Government Contribution” initiative which was started by Ministry of Family and Social Policy in May 2016, to increase the number of families who have not been homeowners for the first time as a homeowner is increasing.

Within the framework of the implementation, state support is provided to Turkish citizens who pay at least 3 years’ account regularly at the first stage and 20% of the accumulation of the date of acquisition of the house and a maximum of 15,000 TL. With the new arrangement made in March, the maximum limit of 15 thousand pounds was raised to 20 thousand TL. Within this scope, 13 thousand citizens opened “Housing Account”. The amount of money accumulated in the accounts opened was 81 million TL.


In the implementation of “Housing Account and Government Contribution”, there is a requirement to stay in the system for at least 3 years. In the old regulation, the three-year residents were able to receive 15 percent of the money they invested, 18 percent of the 4-year payers, and 20 percent of the remaining five years. While these rates are changed with the arrangement made, the contribution amounts to be paid for 3 and 4 year residents in the system will be determined by the new regulation to be prepared.

When it is taken into account that the rate of government support is increased from 20 percent to 25 percent, the most profitable ones will remain in the system for 5 years.

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