90,000 Unauthorized Real Estate Agents in Istanbul!

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In order to prevent the decrease in housing sales in Istanbul, the construction companies are making campaigns at a rate of up to 72 months at zero interest rate, while the number of real estate agents exceeding 100 is breaking the sector by inflating prices for 6 percent commission. The price difference between two apartments of the same square meter, same properties reached to a price of 400 thousand TL, that is a new apartment price, in a majority of zero and second hand house advertisements in Istanbul.

Nizamettin Aşa, Head of the Istanbul Real Estate Chamber said: "Only 10 -15 of 100 thousand realtors are registered in the room. They give the official estate tax. Having the right to make the right pricing, "Aza's over 90 real estate agents, called 'Fugitive and baggage', are united with the homeowners who want to earn more than the value of the property, causing a high-priced home that is not sold."


There is a difference of 365 thousand TL

While the advertises of real estate sites that are broadcasting on the internet reveal this situation, the exorbitant price difference for a house of the same square with the same features in an apartment is lukewarm. The price of a 4 + 1 200 square meter residence in Başakşehir is 485 thousand TL, while the price of the same real estate residence is advertised for 850 thousand TL. The difference is 365 thousand TL ".  While the price of a house with 223 square meters in a famous residence in Mecidiyeköy is 1 million 100 thousand dollars, the price of another apartment facing the same frontier in the same square meter is 1 million 200 thousand dollars, the difference is 100 thousand TL.

Another place where the price difference reaches unimaginable dimensions is experiencing in Kadıköy where the prices are going down. A new apartment in a size of 118 square meters in Kozyatağı 3 +1 apartment in the real estate price of 910 thousand TL, while the same apartment in the same front is in the price of 1 million 100 thousand TL sales price. The difference is 190 thousand TL.

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