A Prıvate House Or An Apartment?

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In recent years, living in a detached house, especially in big cities, can not go beyond imagination. Those who want to live in a detached house are living in areas outside the city. Well, are the facilities that the detached house really is worth moving out of the city? Or is it more comfortable to live in apartment buildings in the city? Here are the advantages and disadvantages of living in detached houses and apartment houses

The apartment does not force your monthly budget

When you buy an apartment, you will have purchased an apartment in a property that other property owners also own. In other words, although the individual living space belongs to you, in general you have a portion of possession and possibilities. In other words, when you buy an apartment, you share a space with an elevator that you share with others in the garden. You are also responsible for some of the things. You can also share expenses such as apartment maintenance, garden maintenance. If you want to spend time in the pool, you will have to share with other property owners. If you buy a house, the roof and the garden belong to you. The detached house, unlike the apartment house, offers a wider living space. However, you may have to allocate more budget for caring for these places as the garden or pool is only for you.

The detached house offers a larger space

Apartments usually have many floors. Even today, most flats can have more than one residence on a floor. This means that the square meters are shrinking. It can be difficult to design the apartment house as you want. On the other hand, storage facilities and garage facilities are more limited in apartments. The detached house offers you a spacious living space. You can usually design a two-story detached house as you like. When you want to enlarge the kitchen, you can break the walls or combine the bedroom with the rest room. You do not need permission from anyone. On the other hand, detached houses provide a large storage area or garage.

Rules can be exhausted

If you live in an apartment, you should be careful about the rules. Especially if the sound insulation is not done well in the apartment, you may get bored with the sound. The voice of the neighbor's neighbor may disturb you, your house party neighbor that you have made in your friends. Or running a vacuum cleaner or washing dishes late in the evening may bother your neighbors. On the other hand, you must also participate in standard rules such as maintenance, repair or cleaning of the apartment. The detached house offers a wider range of freedom in terms of sound.

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