Agaoglu Sells The Resıdence Block At The Fınance Center Project

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The residence block, which was constructed by Ağaoğlu and is the only housing project in Istanbul Finance Center, has been sold.

The project, which is built on the 115 thousand square meter street in Istanbul Finance Center, consists of 1448 independent sections in total. The project has 319 houses, 977 offices and 152 commercial areas.

Agaoglu, who also undertook the construction work of İstanbul International Finance Center Special Project and Recreation Area, also sold the only residential block located at Finance Center. The apartment will be delivered 30 months after the project is built with the Emlak Konut GYO  trust. The project has studio, 1 + 1 and 2 + 1 apartment options.

15 Percent Off Special Offer for Launch

Agaoglu Finance Center is planning to sell 6 office blocks in the residence project collectively, while 15% discount is given to the launch in residence houses.

The apartments in the project are offered for sale starting at 714 .000 TL. The project has only one studio apartment, 52 square meters in size.

Istanbul Finance Center

Istanbul Finance Center, where Agaoglu’s project is located, has a very advantageous position in transportation maintenance. The project, which has a metro direct link, is also located at the exact intersection of the connection routes.

Istanbul Finance Center project, the purpose of collecting the only place in Turkey’s financial institutions were implemented. At the center, there are the centers of the Central Bank, CMB, BRSA and banks.

Ağaoğlu’s office block is the only residential area in the project.

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