Airbus Published The First Video Of ‘Electric Flying Taxi’

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The aviation company Airbus released the first video of the air vehicle "Vahana," which is seen to be hanging in the air for 53 seconds.

The flying taxi has a cylindrical egg shape

Aeronautical applications unit A³, which conducts the Vahana project of Airbus, shared the video on their website on January 31, 2018. The flying of Vahana took place in the Pendleton city of the Oregon state, USA.


In the video, it is seen that the electric vehicle which carries an egg shaped cylindrical cabin consisting of 4 wings and 8 horizontal propellers hangs in the air for 53 seconds followed by its landing.

Vahana to be used to solve traffic problem

According to the statement of the company, these vehicles are named as "electric vertical take-off and landing air vehicle" (eVTOL) are planned to be used in big cities suffering from the problem of traffic. It is aimed to provide a service of transfer from one roof to another by using these aircrafts.

Zach Lovering, The Project Manager of Vahana said that "Our purpose is to democratize personal flight experience by benefiting from the latest technologies in the field of aviation, such as electric impulse, energy storage and machine view. Our first flight test has become an important milestone in terms of both Vahana and the global efforts of urban aviation."

Why is Vahana is a first time success?

Vahana project is known to be a different one compared to other works of the company Airbus, as an electric or semi-electric commercial aircraft has not been produced yet by anyone, due to the fact that the flight requires a considerably higher effort compared to ground transport and the current technology of batteries is still far from meeting the requirement of the necessary balance of power weight to fly.

Even though it is not a significant height, the fact that Vahana can stay hanged in the air is appraised as a first time succes in the field.

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