All You Need to Know About Property Tax

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All You Need to Know About Property Tax

Property Tax, which is defined as the money excised in compensation for any immovable property, may vary to a great extent depending on different factors. Therefore, the calculation process is actualized according to various criteria as to find out the exact amount a person has to pay.

Property Tax in Turkey

First articulated in 1986 as emlak vergisi, is demanded from every citizen who owns an immovable property such as a residence, a building, a plot of land or a farm, etc. The tax may be paid via various or differing government institutions.

When Is The Time to Pay?

It is usually done according to the type of the property: %0.2 for buildings, %0.1 for plots and residences. Property tax is excised in two installments. The first installment may be paid in Spring; between 1st of March and 31st of May. The second installment may be paid in Autumn; between 1st of November and 1st of December.

Where Should It Be Paid?

It is possible to conduct the payment in equal installments. It should be noted that it is imperative that the payments are actualized before the deadline; otherwise there can be a delay interest that amounts to 1,40% a month. Property tax is paid directly to the local government municipality. Otherwise, there are various other methods such as online payment or money transfer. Online payment is usually done via the website of the municipality or the e-devlet  (Turkish for e-government) website.

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