Anatolian Ski Resorts Get Attention

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From east to west, north to south, visitors to the rich tourism which offers four seasons of Turkey, during the winter also popular with the public and private sector cooperation serving the ski resorts. All the facilities including Uludağ, Erciyes, Palandöken, Kartalkaya and Kartepe centers which are serving the domestic and foreign skiers for many years, are prepared to host holidaymakers in this semester with the nature covered by white cover in winter months and the opportunities offered by many modern buildings in the world.


The Palandöken Kayak Merkezi in Erzurum, which has 24 pistes, 8 of which are easy, 9 are moderate, 3 are advanced, and 4 are natural, proceeding to be the "shining city of winter tourism" in the world, person skiing. Turkey's longest, is the world's 3rd kayaksever the track in length 12 kilometers Palandöken offering uninterrupted skiing facilities, accommodated 800 thousand people in the last winter season.

The Erciyes Ski Center, which spans about 25 km square with modern lifts and state-of-the-art cable car system, provides its guests the opportunity to ski in many different places with its 21 thousand 300 meters long and 18 thousand mechanical facilities network with 2 cargo gondolas with 25,500 cargo capacity per hour. With a total of 102 kilometers of track in 34 different slopes, reaching lengths of the leader in this area of ​​Erciyes in Turkey, it chose two million domestic and foreign tourists in the 2016-2017 winter season.


One of the most important centers of winter tourism, which is half a century old, Uludag, which is about 40 minutes away from the city center, can be skied for four months of the year at 20 ski slopes with lengths ranging from 300 to 980 meters. Uludag, where holidaymakers also benefit from snowboarding, bigfoot, ice-skating and snowmobile activities besides skiing, hosted 800 thousand people last winter.

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