Answers For The TOKI Discount Campaign

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A brand new campaign is about to start, which is for the early payers of the TOKI depts. TOKI is planning to make 20 percent discount for the ones who want to get the tapas as soon as possible. The discount campaign is both for residential and business buyers. So we listed some important answers about the discount campaign

 What is the exact time of the starting day for the TOKI's discount campaign?  It starts on April 24th. 

Who benefits from the discount campaign? The owners of the houses and business estates have the advantage to benefit from the discount campaign but the rule is that payments should be started until the end of 2016 and also projects that are 12 months or less are out of the campaign. 

When is the deadline for TOKI's discount campaign? The Discount campaign will long until May 18

What does "TOKI discount campaign" mean? This campaign for the ones who want to make all payments and register the estate for themselves. 

What are the rules of the discount campaign? First of all, there should not be any debts such as real estate tax and dues which owners are obliged to pay TOKI as of the date of application.

What should applicants do? All the applicants should apply to the bank that is relevant from 24 April till 18 May. 

How many people benefited from TOKI discount campaign in 2017? There were 17176 people benefited from the discount campaign in 2017.

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