Are There Any Advantages Of 1+1 Flat?

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Recent times, people would prefer a choice about 1+1 flats in estate endustry. Compared to the previous years, person wants to choice smaller flats for sale or rent. Especially people who lives in the big cities prefer smaller flats than bigger one. So a lot of people wonder that whether small flats have some advantages or not.

While some people consider that small flats have advantages the others consider that big flats have advantages. The situation is changeable according to number of person in the family or living area which family needs. Therefore 1+1 flats has some advantages for bachelor person or big flats for example 3+1 flats have some advantages for married person especially if the family has child or children. Because families who have child or children they need to another room for child. 


It Is Cheaper Than Big Flats

Another advantage of 1+1 flats is that there are cheaper than big ones. As living area is getting small its price becomes cheaper. Other advantage is small flats warm quickly in winter and become cool in summer. So they consume little electricity.

University Students And Tourists Prefer 1+1 Flats

In the big cities like Istanbul, there are a lot of 1+1 flats. In a apartment there are more flat than big flats. So contractors prefer 1+1 flats. There are also developed universities in big cities. University students need small flats. Because small flats are ideal for students. On the other hand tourist who come to visit  big cities they can rent small flats for one or a few days. 

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