Attempting to Accelerate Construction Sector

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The construction sector is experiencing recession in recent days. Action was taken to stop it. Various applications are being made. Two circulars were published due to these applications. The studies carried out by the Ministry of the Interior with the Ministry of Environment and Urbanism yielded results. Two new circulars were published. With the circulars published, various facilities are offered to the citizens. It also offers facilities for investors. These circulars aim to revitalize the sector. Some arrangements are being made for investors to facilitate the bureaucratic procedures related to the construction and operation of the buildings. These regulations are aimed at reducing the number of bureaucratic transactions. With these regulations, a more active sector is hoped for.


The contents of the newly published circulars were mentioned. According to the published general information, the number of bureaucratic transactions related to the transition period of construction and structures has been reduced. Measures to charge different charges the municipalities were taken. No information, documents and fees will be claimed except for the information, documents and fees clearly stated in the laws of rules. In addition, documents related to construction permits will be published on internet sites. Accordingly, the investor will not have to pay different fees. It is hoped that the market will move in this direction.

In addition, many procedures are being performed during the application. The number of these processes is known as 12. With this arrangement this number will drop to 5. This will save time and resources. Processes and correspondence with citizens' applications will be realized through the information flow of the municipalities. Previously, several operations were allowed separately. Excavation, infrastructure permit etc. Now all of these will only happen with a single transaction under the name of the registration application.

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