Balıkesir Has Overtaken The Other Cities On House Sales Prices

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REIDIN Real Estate Index prepared by the support of Türkiye İş Bankası is going on surveying the real estate prices. According to the last survey taken by REIDIN in 68 cities and 242 counties, the prices in throughout Turkey increased in December as % 0.81 than the previous month. Also, the prices have increased as % 9.11 than the same month of the last year.




While the square meter prices of the houses have been increasing  in Balıkesir as % 2, the prices in Balıkesir are the highest increasing rate in Turkey. In the other hand, Kars is the city where the prices have dropped off in the same period with its % 0.68 rate. Van is the first city where the rental values have increased.

In Turkey Rental House Price Index, it realised a % 0.33 decreasing comparing with the last month, and also there is an % 7.43 increasing than the same month of the last year.

While the house rental value for a square meter has been increasing %2, Van has become the city where has the highest rental value in Turkey. On the other hand, Karabük is the city where the house rent value has the biggest decreasing.

Aydın made its investors happy. In terms of redemtion period; Aydın is the first city, once the purchased house has been rented, the rented house redeem itself in the shortest period in turkey.

Van, Aydın and Giresun have the highest groos yearly rental profit in Turkey.

The prices of the new houses have been increasing.

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