Buying A House Or Living in A Rented House?

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In this article prepared by, whether to buy a home with a credit or sit in a rent is the answer to a question.

Taking a home loan is the most logical option in the long run. In recent years, the rate of using housing loans has increased and the annual rate has increased. Consumers who have cash for the down payment apply for housing credit. For this reason, housing loans are an advantageous option for purchases in residential or office space.


Credit or rent?

It is a more sensible option to buy a home with a home loan because the need for housing is a lifelong continuity requirement. When you buy a house with a credit, you pay like a rent, and when these payments are over you become a homeowner.

However, when you are a tenant, you are paying a rental fee and you are only entitled to a superior use for that period. When you are a tenant, you have only used it for that period, and you have met your need for housing thanks to that housing.

If you pay the rented amount, it remains as a plus to the property owner. That's why it is always a more sensible option to take your home by using a housing loan and to evaluate that house.

How long does the home received by the home loan pay for itself?

The house purchased by the home loan varies depending on the region where the self-depreciation period is located. For example, in newly structured regions supply is more and prices are lower. According to the rental income, it can be found out how long the property will be depreciated by comparing the property value with the rental income.

There are fewer apartments that sell in more luxurious and seated neighborhoods, but they are also higher as a sale and a sale price. The depreciation time may be longer in these types of districts. It takes a shorter time to amortize the house in new construction places.

For this reason, it is more advantageous to buy a house or investment house with a housing loan from the newly developing districts in big cities, to pay rent in the long term.

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