Can Expats Opt For Mortgage Loans In Turkey?

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In the article presented by Hurriyet News Hangikredi branch, the methods of how Turkish expats can obtain mortgage loans is examined. The short answer would be that yes, it is possible for Turkish citizens living abroad. It has been stated that no matter where in the world you are residing at, it is possible to utilize mortgage loans; but the specific offer you are choosing may contain additional requirements.

Which Documents Are Required?

In order to apply for a real estate loan to be obtained from Turkey, you must be a Turkish citizen; even if you are living abroad. For those who are not a citizen, the “foreigner identification number” provided by the Republic of Turkey may also be sufficient. Those who desire to utilise housing loans have to provide some documents such as a “taxpayer identification number”, a passport or Republic of Turkey national id card, a construction servitude or condominium title deed, abroad residence permit in foreign country, income certificate in foreign country and a credit card extract coverin a period of three months.

Specific Residence Projects

Nevertheless, credit loans can be used for real estate inside the country of whose construction has been finished and other various special offers for people living outside Turkey. It should also be underlined that mortgage credit is only granted for a natural person and not a legal/private entity. The opportunity is said to be an incentive for people wanting a residence in Turkey.

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