Canal Istanbul is Getting Mapped Out

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An Environmental Impact Assessment Report is waited for determining the route of Canal Istanbul, one of the mega projects in Turkey.

Sari, Minister of Environment and Urbanisation, says: “ We urge upon environmental sensitivity about Canal Istanbul. We will make evaluations after we get the environmental impact assessment report prepared and we will determine a map.”

While legislative regulation is being made for Canal Istanbul, one of the mega projects in Turkey, we are going to show high level sensitivity about environment. After the completion of technical reports, the project will be mapped out. Minister of Environment and Urbanisation, Fatma Guldemet Sari states: As Minister of Urbanisation, it will be planned and as Minister of Environment, environmental influences of the project will be evaluated.”

Sari, who states that new built-up areas will be formed, also says: “There will be green-fields, central business districts, housing areas, museums, university, linking roads, linking metro lines in these areas. Our studies on the plans of these areas are going on. We will share it when it everything is clear.”

It is planned to create two cities which has 500.000 people in terms of population in each of them within the scope of the project. Minister Sari, states that nothing reckless about the environment is done while also laying emphasis on the evaluation of all the positive and negative aspects of the projects about the environment. Minister Sari, who states that all the precautions will be taken if there is going to be any probable damage to the environment, also says: “ Setting up a substructure is the first stage of a project. Nobody says ‘Let’s build a canal here’ blindfoldedly. This is a long process. The reason of the extention of preparation process of Canal Istanbul is depth analysis of these affects.”

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