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Children can find a chance to read books in the airplane cockpit or train vagon in Çankırı. In Çankırı Municipality, in order to bring reading habits to children, airplanes and trains are being transformed into libraries, and then they are working to acquire a ship library in the city without sea. The municipality first rented a locomotive separated by the TCDD to transform the two wagons into a library, and the wagons in the maintenance workshop of the TCDD in Çankırı were redesigned in accordance with the library. Later on, the municipality purchased a completed Airbus A300 type flight and converted it into a library by bringing it to Istanbul with 5 trucks in pieces. Children in Çankırı spend time and read book in these airplane and train library.


Now Children Will Have Ship Library

Çankırı is a city that does not have a sea but municipality build a ship library. The Çankırı Municipality, now serving as a train and a flight library for children, is now building a "ship library" in the artificial lake in Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park, 41 meters long and in true ship size. After building this ship children can read book and spend their times in a real ship. This project is planned to increase children's reading habits.

Dinç Report The Date

Mayor İrfan Dinç explained to AA correspondent that one of the greatest revolutions of the age was digital revolution but that the most important victims of digital revolution were children.Dinc said, "We need to save our childs from sacrificing this virtual revolution, we are working on a lot of projects in this regard, and one of them is to save our little ones with their tablets and computers.".  Dinc, announced that they plan to complete the ship library in June.

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