Cankurtaran Tunnel Openned

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Cankurtaran Tunnel Openned. This event is expected for many years by people of Artvin. Through this tunnel, the way between Hopa and Artvin becomes approximately 12 km shorter.

It is the dream of Artvin’s people for many years and the tunnel is begun to build in 2010. It will be opened to traffic by March 1 and will make 12 km shorter the way between Hopa and Artvin. Profincial chairman of AKP said about the tunnel “The program of opening the tunnel is made by March 1 at 12:30 in the point of entry to Hopa. Ahmet Arslan who is the minister of ministry of transport, maritime affairs and communications is also attended to the program which is a dream of Artvin’s people.”


Good news for drivers

Canlurtaran tunnel is stated in Rize-Artvin-Ardahan highway which is between Borçka and Hopa. It connects black sea to Iran through East Anatolia and it is built as an alternative to Cankurtaran gate which is an undesirable way for drivers. The foundation of the tunnel is laid in 2010 by prime minister Binali Yıldırım. The tunnel becomes a good alternative for HopaBorçka highway. While HopaBorçka highway is 36 km, the new tunnel is 14 km.

Tunnels in Artvin

Artvin is the city that includes highest number of tunnels in Turkey. The number of the tunnel in Artvin is 72. Because of the terrain features, Artvin needs so many tunnels. There were some problems during the building process of the tunnel. Therefore, its use is often delayed and March 1 becomes the last date of that the tunnel is put into service. Because there are many delays during building the tunnel, numbers of protests are made by the people of Artvin.

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