Cayırova Value is Increasing

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Cayırova Value is Increasing

The Cayırova region is getting better every day. There are many factors in its development. One of these factors is that it is in the transportation line. Another factor is that it is very close to industrial regions. As a result of these reasons, Cayırova region is developing. Due to its proximity to the Osmangazi bridge, transportation to Bursa and İzmir is becoming easier. Moreover, it is very close to Istanbul and facilitates transportation to Istanbul and Thrace. These factors make it possible for Cayırova to develop. The real estate in Cayırova-Gebze region gains more value day by day due to these reasons. Now we will talk about some transportation possibilities.

North Marmara Highway project is running at full speed. With this highway, distances will be shorter. It will also make transportation to the east easier. The motorway that will start from Istanbul will pass from Gebze. It will end in Akyazı. In this direction, Cayırova will be a more accessible area with a new highway. There will be a new alternative for commercial vehicles going east. Another addition is the Osmangazi bridge. Thanks to the Osmangazi bridge, İzmir road has been shortened. The highway is still in operation. When completed, faster transportation will be provided. In this way, it is aimed to save time and energy. In addition, Gebze Marmaray project is on the agenda. When this project is completed, you will be able to get off at Gebze in 105 minutes by train. These increases make Cayırova and Gebze attractive.

Cayirova and Gebze literally brand city. Many large enterprises are located in the Gebze Organized Industrial Zone. Gebze Organized Industrial Zone is very close to Cayırova. This makes Cayırova important. There are also many universities in the immediate vicinity. The nearest Gebze Technical University can be given. In addition, they are the distance that can be visited at Kocaeli and Sakarya Universities. These advantages increase the value of Cayırova region.

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