Counting Foreign Days In The House

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Housing sector representatives, who gave information on the continuing efforts to reduce the lower limit of 1 million dollars to 300 people in giving foreign citizenship to residents, predicted that foreigners could realize the sale of 10 billion dollars of housing after the arrangement.

Real estate sector representatives are considering that the $ 1 million lower limit of $ 300,000, which gives citizenship in the purchase of real estate to foreigners, be worth $ 10 billion in annual sales.

Sector representatives are expecting to announce the change in the lowering of the lower limit on citizenship to 300 thousand dollars.

“With the change, 10 billion dollars may come”

Yetgin who reported that $ 4.6 billion in income from foreign residential sales last year “This year we already expected a significant increase in foreign residential sales, but with this change, we could catch about $ 9-10 billion,” Özyurtlar Holding Chairman Tamer Özyurt said that the resolution was very good and said that when the $ 1 million limit was announced last year, the number was very high.

People want to buy housing in Turkey generally between 100 thousand dollars to 300 thousand dollars worth voicing intermediate host Özyurt “belated but very appropriate decision. I can tell you already reflected in sales.”

Özyurt said that they had experienced a significant sales increase in the first quarter and that foreigners could not wait for this change and said, “Normally we expected to sell USD 4.6 billion worth of foreign homes last year to USD 7.5 billion this year.”

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