Critical Decisions on Channel Istanbul

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Critical Decisions on Channel Istanbul

Channel Istanbul ‘waterway’ definition has been made. One of the election promises has been presented in the Parliament. The last route change on Channel Istanbul had been made and now new definition has been made by the Parliament. According to this law, the government banned the sale of real estate along Channel Istanbul.


The government had promised these laws until 21 March this year and the action was presented to the Chairman of the Parliament. In one of the laws there are some details about the project which Ak party promised in 2011 elections. They had called this project as ‘crazy projects’. There were so many debates on this promise in the past. So, what are the details of the waterway project? Here are some details about the project.


Channel Istanbul ‘waterway’ definition has been made. According to the law, the construction of the Channel Istanbul project is planned to be between Black Sea and Marmara Sea. The waterway definition is also added to the law.


It is defined as waterway will be artificially created and waterway transport was provided with the boats. After the legalization of the law, the plans of the project will be prepared. According to the law about the Canal Istanbul Project “waterway” cannot be sold, and also it cannot be used for other purposes.


Channel Istanbul ‘waterway’ definition has been made. Canal Istanbul is considered a waterway project. The period in 2011, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s “crazy project” have been reflected in the press; but the name of the project, content and location has been kept secret for long time.


In April 27, 2011 at the Convention Centre which is located in Sütlüce in a press conference the basic information about the project will be described and clarified in detail.

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