Decision Of Destruction For 6 Luxury Restaurants And Parts Of The Café In Akmerkez

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Decision Of Destruction For 6 Luxury Restaurants And Parts Of The Café In Akmerkez

Akmerkez shopping center in Istanbul in Turkey demolition order from the most luxury shopping centers were included in Etiler. According to the decision of the Municipality of Beşiktaş 4 years ago the plan was constructed in the area of ​​the project was found to be contrary to the project. Demolition decisions include the luxurious restaurants Papermoon, Vakko Patisserie and Starbucks.

BEŞİKTAŞ Municipality has decided to demolish 6 luxury restaurants and some parts of the café in Akmerkez Shopping Center in Istanbul Etiler. 
It is made up of the districts built by Akmerkez AVM, which was built in 1993, with a plan change of 4 years ago. The demolition of Akmerkez GYO AŞ, to which the shopping mall was connected, was announced to be held at 06:00 on the morning of 17 January.


There are also Papermoon Restaurant and Vakko Patisserie among the reasons that they are made contrary to the Zoning Law and the places where demolition can be done. In the statement made by Akmerkez REIC regarding the subject, it is stated that the transactions carried out are within the scope of the legislation and it is said that "there is no contradiction to law". According to the documents that Hürriyet has obtained, some offices in Akmerkez Mall have reached the Ministry of Interior claiming that they have gone beyond the approved architectural project. Istanbul Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning inspectors and Beşiktaş Municipality officials visited Akmerkez Shopping Mall on July 5, 2017 for on-site inspections.

After the determination, the Municipal Council received two separate decisions on 10 August 2017. One of the resolutions was a monetary penalty, and the second was for the decision of destruction. According to unanimous decisions, the total size of the area used outside the certified architectural project was 419.2 square meters. In the decision of the Council, side areas were made on the ground floor which is a common area. According to Karara, corridor transitions were also closed and made into a special use area.
Besiktas Municipality announced on January 17 that the decision to demolish the company.


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