Decreasing in Residence Sales in USA

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The residence sales in Unites States of America has declined about 7,8 %. It has been reported that the first-hand residence house sales has declined about 7.8 % in USA. There are big increasing in these sales in world. However, USA did not follow this trend. Although there were some expectations about increasing in sales, the results did not satisfy these expectations. New residence sales in USA was expected to increase about 3,6 percent in january. However, it decreased 7,8 percent in the second month.  


Numbers have been released by Ministry of Commerce

Ministry of Commerce of USA released a report of this residence sale situation. According to report, the first – hand residence sales decreased 7,8 percent compared to previous months and noted as 593 tausand. Instead of decreasing, the expected situation was increasing in sales by 3,6 percent. By the way, the numbers that belongs to December 2017 was revised from 625 tausand to 643 tausand. This revisin pointed out that the decreasing in first – hand residence sales was decresed 7,6 percent but not 9,3 percent.

These situation can continue due to increasing mortgage interests

In the report, the median price of USA new residence sales in january reported as 323 tausand dollars. This showed that the prices has been increased 2,5 percent compared with the previous year. This situation was coming due to increasing mortgage interest. According to the analysts, this situation may continue due to this mortgage interests prices. 

Residence sector in USA has been facing with a limited sale problem. As reported, the main reason of this situation might be the increase in interests in mortgage. There are a huge majority of people in USA relies on the mortgage. Thus, affording these interests might not be easy for some of them. 


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