Destructive Touches to the AKM

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As of 13 February, demolition work was started at the Ataturk Cultural Center in Istanbul Taksim Square.

As the work carried out at the Cultural Center has been continuing rapidly since then, employees continue to remove the excavation.

Interest In Tourists

As the demolition of the center continued rapidly, the front facade of the building was completely collapsed as a result of the work. With the end of the front line and the front line, the destruction inside was able to attract the attention of those who crossed the road. Local and foreign tourists passing the road followed the ongoing demolition work in the building with interest.

Changes In The Center

The image of the changes to be made at Atatürk Cultural Center was explained by the photographs that were posted in front of the center. The center will include 2 thousand 500-person Opera hall, 800-person theatre hall, a thousand-person conference hall, 285-person cinema hall, 250-person room theatre, an exhibition hall, a library and 885 car parking. In addition, with the completion of the new building from the top floor of the building from the second bridge to the historical peninsula will be welcoming visitors to a landscape.

All Day Protection

As of February 2018, the Atatürk Cultural Center, which has started its demolition activities, is now protected by keeping watch all day long. Demolition work in the center is monitored by 16 cameras placed at specific points of the building and supervised by the authorities.

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