Dividend Investment Period

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The dividend period starts in Stock Exchange Istanbul. Those who think that high dividend payouts have a positive effect on the stock have already been followed closely by companies that have paid regular dividends. “If the profit of the company is growing and paying dividends, there is no need to think too much,” says Mehmet Koc, a stock market investor. According to him, the financial performance of the companies that distribute dividends is high, but it increases the feeling.


However, it is worth noting that specialists have different opinions about the contribution of the dividend to the investor. Gedik Investment Research Manager Üzeyir Doğan says that the high dividend distribution reflects favorably on the stocks: “Saved investors are already bringing deposits close to those that are getting dividends for the profit they generate.” On the other hand, there are some who say that dividend payment does not mean anything other than advertising. Beyza Taşdemir, who says that the dividend has no meaning, says, “I do not think that the share price is falling as much as the dividend rate, so the shareholder is not a gain or loss because of the dividend.” Turkish Investment Research Department Head Baki Atılal commented, “OK, dividend is important, but what is the annual turnover of the principal shares”. It is a known reality that investors mainly give premiums to the first opinion. Already in the periodic follow-up of the bilateral chaebolin the main goal is to determine the companies with dividend potential. However, given that the number of companies paying regular dividends is not very high.

The data show that nearly half of the long-term stable investors earn regular dividends. This explains why investors attach importance to dividends.

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