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Lawyer Yasin Ozkan who is a member of the Consumer Advisory Center explained about the bankruptcy of Inanlar Construction Company.

Lawyer Yasin Ozkan, a member of the Consumer Advisory Center (CAC) Legal Commission, has some explanations for not being a construction victim. Ozkan said, "If even a company that is seen as a big player in the sector and who trusts consumers with projects that they have already done before can suddenly want to go bankrupt with a social media message, it is necessary to stop and think about what is going on in construction. It is a must to do."

Lawyer Ozkan, who advised to demand the placement of the "defendant" annotation immediately after the lawsuits to be filed, stated that the annotation of the defendant would protect the accused consumer even after several years.

Ozkan said, "It has been said that the supply of the building in the real estate is very much in demand and that many construction companies that have ballooned in construction are in financial difficulty. Even if such a big company can demand bankruptcy, there is no need to be an expert to think that smaller companies are experiencing similar cash flow problem. It is beneficial for the citizens who will buy apartments here to make purchases by doing very good research in order to live the processes that will lead to material and nonmaterial fatigue which will be years for the construction company as a victim. "

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