Double Gain Time to Buy House

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Households are making a profit. They get rid of the rent. Or they earn an additional income by renting their home. It's time to buy a house to earn more. Chairman Omer Faruk Çelik made a few statements. He announced that the rise in the dollar was continuing. For this reason, he added that the cost of new projects will increase. He said he would make 35 percent of households' income during this period.


Fluctuation in the House Prices

The dollar ran a swift high. These days, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has some clarifications. Erdogan wanted the citizens to cash in their accounts. He stated that the appreciation of the smuggled currencies as gold and turkish lira would add value to the Turkish Lira.

Our people did not remain silent

Our people did not remain silent on this call. A lot of people flocked to exchange bureaus on this call. They cashed their dollars. They strive for appreciation of the Turkish lira. Some investors turned to the real estate sector. In this way they started to invest.

What's the Price?

Prices are expected to increase in the coming days. The rising currency on the dollar is the biggest reason for this. Chairman Çelik said that the house prices will increase in the coming period, so it is advantageous to buy houses. With the increase of the dollar, the prices of the housing projects have also increased. In order not to be affected by these increasing prices, it is necessary to benefit from the best prices in this period. People are expected to evaluate this opportunity.

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