Edirne Should Be Planned With The Concept Of Technoloji And Design

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Edirne Should Be Planned With The Concept Of Technoloji And Design

Nef Chief Executive Officer of Erden Timur paid attention to Edirne's local and city importance and mentioned about the future plans for city.

He said that there is big poteintial in this city. It is known by everyone. That's why there is a plan build on as Edirne Vision Plan. The architects of plan were Faruk Göksu and Erden Timur. The plan has many points in order to make better Edirne as a city and cultural heritage. Due to its location, Edirne is in place as a meeting point of Balkans and Anatolia. Thus, the city should have the image of integrative. 

History is quite strong.

Edirne had been the capital of Ottoman Empire for 90 years. It is the 3rd richest city about historical places after İstanbul and Bursa. It is the city where Sultan Murat had the power of making strong the Ottoman Empire. The city was the trade center of the Empire. 

It is in the first 100.

Edirne is a city to live. It is warm, people is kind in there, culturally rich etc. Mosque Selimiye is one of the symbols of both city and Turkey. It is the 3rd place visited by tourists most after Antalya and İstanbul. It is also 61th most touristic place in all over the world. 

It is a border city.

The city is also known as Architect Sinan city, the most talented architect in Turkish history. The most known places are mosques in there with their perfect plannings. The city is also in the border of Balkans and Anatolia. Thus, the scientifc, technologic and design features od city should be planned quite well in order to maintain its image. 

5 bilion lira of active size.

Erden Timur explained that the name of Nef is coming from Nefes, means Breath in Turkish. He said that their mission is to maintain city beaties, meet the needs, make places more beautiful. With that mission, they are taking the credit of their affords. The company was build in 2010. Last year, they had sold 1950 housings. This was a record. Now, the company is working with 4 of 10 most known architecture company in the world. 

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