Ekovilla Project in Turkey

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Ekovilla project in Turkey is one of the best environmental friendly projects in Turkey. Ekovilla creates structures live compatible with nature. As you all know environmental pollution is one of the biggest problem of earth. Many pollutants, especially fossil fuels affect the season of rainfall, agricultural practice and water sources. So; it is our duty to protect environment as much as possible. Projects like this are good starts to protect environment and they increase awareness about this subject.

Ismail Can and Salih Dongel started this project in 2007. Ekovilla project is shaped with their research and development projects. This project creates ecological concept to housing which is one of the most important need of people. Structures do not give harm to nature with negative carbon emissions, and made from renewable materials. With this properties Ekovilla expects to be recycled and sustainable. These buildings are benefiting already existing energy forms like sun, wind, soil, ground water and rain. Company has produced more than 100 ecological structure like villas, hotels, offices in this concept. It consumes minimal energy for heating and cooling and provides energy saving by this way. Wood is used as building material because the carbon emissions of wood is really low.

This ecological concept is widely in countries like Germany, the United States, Sweden, Canada, Japan, Austria, and Russia. Gulf countries quite interest Ekovilla project in Turkey. One of the founder of project Salih Dongel says “We did 50% of production for this region. The reason of this the rapid construction, practicality and durability of these houses. The interest for ecological living in Turkey increases. We will complete a significant part of the institutionalization process in 2016. We will begin to create domestic and international franchise, and co-productions. We aim to increase our capacity to invest in production technology. We want to participate fairs in countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia.”


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