Eviş Smoky City Prices Have Been Certain

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The sales prices of apartments were determined at Eviş Smoky Urban Project, which was prepared by Eviş Construction to be passed on to life in Çanakkale. In the Eviş Smoky Kent Project, which is rising on an area of ​​100 square meters in the Çanakkale Center, the apartments are offered for sale in a price range ranging from 180 thousand TL to 430 thousand TL. In the project where 1 + 1, 2 + 1, 3 + 1 and 5 + 1 apartment types are located, the size of the apartments varies between 55 square meters and 206 square meters.


The Eviş Smoky Urban Project, signed by Eviş İnşaat, offers attractive payment plans as well as an easy payment plan to its customers.


The price for 1 + 1 apartments starts from 180 thousand TL, 2 + 1 apartments start from 265 thousand TL, 3 + 1 apartments start from 430 thousand TL. Eviş Smoky Kent attracts attention with its attractive prices in Çanakkale and offers easy payment opportunity at the same time. It is possible to pay the remaining amount in the project that can be housing with 40% down payment by bank credit.


It was learned that the first stage of the Eviş Smoky Urban Project, which was formed by three etapants, was aimed at delivering the year-end deliveries. Located in the center of Çanakkale, the project attracts attention with its advantageous position. Eviş Smoky City Project is located 5 minutes away from city center and state hospital, 7 minutes from bus station and airport. Eviş Smoky Kent supports the quality of Eviş İnşaat, which has been operating in Çanakkale region for 30 years, by supporting the advantageous location with the social opportunities offered by its project.

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