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A great environment with rich green areas and enormously oxygen rich clean air. The most greenest area in Turkey is Black Sea area with no question. Black Sea has quite natural environment with almost no corruption and forest demolitions.Black Sea area with its characteristic trees (only living in that area due to its climate), all tints of green color, lots of natural waterfalls and some more features has great attentions from tourists. Particularly Arabian tourists are nowadays big fans of Black Sea.


As mainly Saudi Arabia, lots of gulf countries' tourists' main attention is Black Sea in recent years

Arabians loved Black Sea as tourists and then they bought houses in here. The SY Group CEO Yaser Haddad who is doing tourism trade by the Gulf Countries that are Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and Kuwait, indicated that the Arabians are specially interested in the east side of Black Sea that involves Trabzon. Also, Trabzon their one of favorite cities. In addition to that, Ordu also has lots of attention from them. Last year, the total tourist number came to the city was 300 tousand. These tourists improved city ecomonics besides they made a big movement in residental sector. 

There are two main reasons can be mentioned for this big attention

Haddad said that the climate and natural beauties are entrancing the Arabians. This is the first reason. Secondly, there are direct flights in Trabzon Airport. 

In last years the interest has an accelaration

Haddad continued his speech by mentioning the recent residental developments. He said there is an increasing resident sales to Arabians. From 2014 to now, every year the Arabians had bought 400-500 residents in particularly Trabzon. Other cities also have similar tables. For insance, there had been 45 house sold in Ordu in 2017. 39 of these buyers were from Saudi Arabia. 

By enhancing the interest also in middle parts of the area, the economy of Black Sea will have much more accelaration to movement was implied by Haddad. He thought that having a strategical map of road may occur from East Black Sea experience.

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