Flash Development Related To The Onaltıdokuz Istanbul Project

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There is a flash development related to the project of the OnaltıDokuz in Istanbul, where the life in the Zeytinburnu region, which has come to an end with the silhouette debates in Istanbul and the decision of destruction of some floors about it, is in progress. The judicial process is completed with regard to the project. Here is the last minute real estate news …

There are significant developments in the OnaltıDokuz project, which led to the longest silhouette debate in Istanbul. Court decision for the project came out.


As of January 3, 2018, the lawsuit process regarding the expropriation of a part of the project with the cancellation of construction plans and building permits related to the OnaltıDokuz Istanbul project and the municipalities of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Zeytinburnu Municipality was concluded.

At the end of the judicial proceedings against Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and Zeytinburnu Municipality and continuing since 2011, Istanbul 4th Administrative Court; it was decided that the building permit and the development plan given by Zeytinburnu Municipality in December 2009 were final and finally valid within the framework of the legislation.

The decision in question; reveals the right of the progeny in this process; The Republic of Turkey and the Turkish nation's unity and integrity of the Great conquered could never betray the independent Turkish judiciary of the target area network we demonstrate once again to.

Since our first day of judicial proceedings, we have had faith in our respect for the law and justice will sooner or later manifest; we were far from attitudes and discourses that could affect court decisions.

All games and calipers passed by the betrayal network; in spite of all kinds of slander and lick that were taken by the pawns, we have not lost our confidence in the independent Turkish judiciary even one day.

And we have seen throughout the process;

After the treacherous coup attempt on July 15, 2016, two people signed by the Istanbul Administrative Court on the cancellation order were thrown.

Again, the approval of the decision of the Council of State related to the signing of two people who were members of the FBO was exported because of their membership.

Four of the five experts who gave negative views were arrested on charges of misleading the court by unintentional misunderstanding of four of them.
In the Administrative Court, irregularities were detected in the determination of the court room; all of the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice, who have conducted the appeal process, have been arrested.
As a result; the judge and the public prosecutor who are the officials of the Administrative Court who have made the decisions in the cases and have the signatures are being tried as detainees under the investigation of the FETO.

In the press foot of the operation carried out against the OnaltıDokuz Istanbul project; some newspapers carrying the conscious and deliberate distortions on their pages were accepted as the broadcasting organ of FETO and their broadcast lives were terminated and closed. Likewise, some of the executives and authors of the publications bearing the current agenda were arrested within the scope of the investigation conducted against the treacherous network; others have escaped after their arrest decisions.


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