Foreigners Choose Turkey For Housing Investment

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As of 2018, shared important data about the top three provinces which are preferred by foreigners. These provinces are İstanbul, Antalya and Bursa.

In regional report of, the time of amortization is 21 years for İstanbul, 29 years for Antalya and 18 years for Bursa. Ahmet Kayvan, Cofounder and CEO of, said that Turkey is one of the best housing investment places because Turkey is still tourism attraction and also houses are too cheap.


Bursa Provides Amortization As Soon As Possible 

According to data of regional report, amortization period of İstanbul, which is preferred most by foreigners to buy, is 21 years. That duration is 19 years for Antalya and 18 years for Bursa.

Average House Price is 3,983 TL per Square Meters in İstanbul 

On the other hand, according to İstanbul regional report, purchasing in housing market prices of houses for sale increased 0,6%. In the report, it is announced that average house price is 3.983 TL per square meters in İstanbul and a 100- square- meter house is about between 298.692 TL and 497.800 TL. 

Prices of Houses For Sale Increased in Antalya 

In Antalya, prices of houses for sale has increased 1,32% and square meter price has become 1,985 TL for a year. In Antalya regional report, it is declared that the price of a 100- meter- house is between 148.860 TL and 248.100 TL.

Prices varies between 145.068 and 241.800 in Bursa

 Prices of houses for sale increased 2,29% in Bursa. The average house price per square meter is 1.934 TL and the average price of a 100- square- meter house varies between 145.000 TL and 241.800 TL.

Why Turkey?

Houses for sale are cheaper in Turkey and it is tourism attraction center so that’s why foreigners choose Turkey to buy houses.

What’s Zingat Regional Report?

Zingat Regional Report gives people, who wants to invest, purchase, sell or hire a house, all information.

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