Good News For Home Buyers: Prices Are Dropping On Branded Projects!

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In branded housing projects in Istanbul, prices have tended to fall in many regions in the last six months. The biggest decrease was observed in Fikirtepe with 3.8 percent; Kartal-Maltepe, İstinye-Tarabya, Kadıköy-Göztepe, Seyrantepe-Maslak, Ataköy-Zeytinburnu conspicuous decline in the prices of projects located on the coastal axis.


 In addition to the decline in prices, declining housing demand due to the high housing loan interest rates and the prolonged return on investment, it is said that stock accumulation concentrated in certain regions. According to a report titled "Housing Markets at a Glance" published by TSKB Real Estate Appraisal, the average annual price increase in branded houses in Istanbul was 4.5 percent. This rate was 4.7 percent in Europe and 4.2 percent in Anatolia.
Prices, however, have tended to fall in many regions over the last six months. In this period, the average price increase was 1.5 percent in Europe and 0.1 percent in Anatolia.
-The most decreasing region of the yearly value is Istinye-Tarabya with 4.8%; The most decreasing region in the six-month period was Fikirtepe with 3.8 percent. – The region with the highest increase was Sancaktepe-Sultanbeyli-Samandıra region with Mahmutbey-GOP TEM axis in the 6-month period and 9.8% in the annual basis.
 -The six-month change in the prices, the biggest decline in prices was observed in Fikirtepe with 3.8 percent; Kadinoy-Bağdat Street-Göztepe-Kozyatağı with a decrease of 2.1 percent, Beykoz with a decrease of 1.9 percent, Seyrantepe-Maslak with a decrease of 1.4 percent, Ataköy-Zeytinburnu shore axis with a decrease of 0.5 percent, and 0.2 percent with a decrease of 2.7 percent, Kartal-Maltepe with a decrease of 2.7 percent, Istinye-Tarabya with a decrease of 2.5 percent, followed by Tuzla-Pendik-Kurtköy line.
In the report it is said: "One of the most critical elements considered in investing is the length of the return period, while the regions with shorter return times are above the average of the rest of the region, while those with longer return times tend to be below average and prices tend to decline".

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