Good News For Those Who Will Buy A Housing For The First Time!

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Mehmet Şimşek, the Deputy Prime Minister responsible for the economy, pointed out that the state contribution to the system was 15 thousand liras maximum, reminding that the "housing account", which is intended for non-resident citizens to buy houses and to cover expenses for them in advance, was implemented in 2016.

Şimşek pointed out that the participants should be a Turkish citizen to open a residence account and that there should be no ownership of the house, and reminded that there is a regular payment condition for at least 3 years in order to be entitled to state contribution.
Considering October 2017 data, Şimşek stated that the number of existing housing accounts in 14 banks is 11 thousand 348, and said that they think this number is insufficient.


Şimşek stressed that the participants decided to redesign the system in order to make the implementation more effective, based on the finding that they did not find the system attractive enough.

"We are working on a new arrangement that will provide facilities for my citizens who are going to be residential owners for the first time," indicating that they will remove the problems of the existing system and add new support elements with the new housing account model to be announced. used expressions.

More State Contact Planned

Simsek stated that the model included an integration where the participants could predict the housing purchase through the system. He added that the current state contribution in the new model will continue but that more government contributions are planned for participation.

Şimşek pointed out that the Housing Account System and the savings process and the mortgage will provide an additional advantage by establishing a relationship between the participants and the mortgage.

"As an important innovation in the new housing account model, there may be a lower interest rate savings in the framework of contracts between the banks and the participants and the subsequent use of housing loans at lower interest rates as the duration and amount of money held as deposits increases. will be lower.According to the actuarial calculations, how much a reduction in the interest rate of the loan will be determined.When considering the government support for the housing account, there may be a lower loan interest rate for the citizens who want to buy a house.We will have the necessary negotiations with the banks for this.

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