Great Attention to Bursa

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It has been stated that around 46,000 people have visited the recent Bursa Real Estate Fair conducted by Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) and TÜYAP Bursa Fair Convention inc., the Bursa Construction and Decoration Fair and the Bursa "Rising City" Real Estate Fair have attracted 46,000 people in 5 days.


Presentation and Marketing

The two fairs were held in Tüyap International Fair and Exhibition Center of Bursa from 11 to 15 April. The article presented by Anadolu Agency has underlined that the fairs were visited by foreign investors as well as locals. BTSO Chairman İbrahim Burkay conveyed that the presentation and marketing of international products is as important as the process of production.

Hundreds of Foreign Visitors

Burkay has pointed out that more than 300 visitors from 34 countries occupied the exposition and from countries with big incentives for urban investment such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait or Qatar offered considerable attention to the real estate fair. It is thought that the consecutive fairs will provide incentives to further develop the lucrative and valuable construction sector in Turkey.

Leading Sector In Turkey

"Our country holds a measure of success which is recognized throughout the world," Burkay says. He adds: "Of the 250 biggest construction firms in the world, our country is presented by 46 big Turkish firms (…) Of construction which is the leading productive sector in our country, I have high hopes that it will continue to show tremendous growth throughout 2018 and beyond."

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