Houses Will Be Automatically Insured

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Commenting on the issues that homeowners should be careful about for the houses after this, Deputy Prime Minister Simsek announced that earthquake insurance would be made for all the houses from now on. Mehmet Şimşek explained that the number of compulsory earthquake insurance holders between the years 2000 and 2017 was two percent and that this ratio was very low. It was announced that the following days, regular earthquake insurance will be made and that the insurance company will start working as Treasury to cover all the countries and to the highest level. Thus, it has been revealed that only a few homeowners will not have this insurance due to compulsory life insurances for all the residences, it will become compulsory for all the homeowners to make the insurance after this, and the work for this has continued uninterruptedly.


Losses Wrinkled Down

According to the statement, disasters like the earthquake in Turkey a result of loss of life and property are experienced. For this reason, it is announced that compulsory earthquake insurance will be applied to all houses in order to minimize disaster losses. As a result of this law, it was explained that the number of compulsory earthquake insurance recipients exceeded 8 million and that one of the two houses is insured.

Auto Insurance

Stating that takes place in Turkey's earthquake zone Simsek, it announced that it continues to work for the compulsory earthquake insurance. For this reason it was announced that the subscription should be called for mandatory insurance to raise the insurance rate to a higher level and the mechanism for automatic insurance for those who do not comply with this call will be established.

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