Housing Prices in The United Kingdom Increased By 4 Percent

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In the calculation of house prices on an annual basis in September, it was learned that house prices increased 4 percent in the UK. According to statements made by the lending company Halifax, the housing sector has been reported to have increased by 4 percent annually on a year-on-year basis throughout the country. In August, housing prices were reported to have risen by 2.6 percent. For this reason, it is reported that in August there will be reductions in demand for housing due to the rise in housing prices.


Housing Prices

According to the statements made, it was reported that housing prices in the country increased. That's why the average price of a house in the country is 225 thousand 109 pounds. "The increase in housing prices and the pressure on the purchasing power can reduce demand," said Russell Galley, general director of Halifax Community Bank. . Thus, the calculations made in September showed that the ending house prices increased by 4 percent annually in September. The Creditor Company Halifax, which is in charge of explaining housing prices, has been informed that there is an increase in housing compared to last month. As a result, it was reported that the demand for housing could be reduced due to the pressure coming from this increase. It is reported that the demand for housing prices will continue to decrease as a result of the increase in living standards. As a result, housing appraisal done on an annual basis was reported to have increased by 4 percent in housing prices in September.

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