Housing Prices Increasing İn Ankara

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Capital increase rate in housing units sold in Ankara, Turkey for a long time is above the average. Ankara, where high-rise residential sales are taking place, maintains its place amongst the many houses sold after Istanbul. Housing in some of the four provinces of Ankara is dominant in terms of the price increase performance they show. Endeksa.com has made a new research. According to this research, Ankara has a high increase in housing prices in Çankaya, Etimesgut Gölbaşı and Yenimahalle districts. It was also determined that the price per square meter of prepared raporda is 1850 Turkish Liras.

County District Review

The results were examined at the district level. When examined at the district level, some results were obtained. It is seen that housing prices in Ankara are the most increased in Cankaya. Cankaya average square meter housing sales price was determined as 2,700 Turkish liras. The average housing price was determined to be 400 000 Turkish liras. The 2 neighborhood of Cankaya also stand out. Çayyolu and Yaşamkent are among the regions where housing prices are increasing.

In another district, Etimesgut, the average price per square meter is around 1700 Turkish Liras. Housing price was 220 thousand Turkish Lira. It is determined that the price of housing in this district of Bağlıca is very high.

Gölbası and Yenimahallede What is the Situation?

Gölbası district average selling price of square meters, housing price of 350 thousand TL, while the residence investment return period is 19 years, the average price of housing in Gölbaşı'nın Incek quarter price of 3.350 TL, the price of the house was determined as 490 thousand Turkish liras. In Yenimahalle, the average square meter residential sales price was 1.950 TL and the average house price was determined as 280 thousand Turkish Liras.

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