How To Get A Property’s Ownership?

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The ownership of a property, a house can be taken on an area which a building was placed on. So, inside the building, the commercial and the residential parts could be called as separated and independent sections by owners.  If the property's ownership is not taken the building stay still as an empty land.  It is so important to get the ownership after construction is completed. This process can be done by the contractor but sometimes they get lost after selling all apartments. In this situation, the responsibility is on owners to get the property owner. 

The rule of having ownership of a property

Floor easement and ownership need registration by official deeds. All the property's ownership should be converted so that every floor could a title by their own. 

How to apply?

To take the floor ownership, all the owners of the real estate and the stakeholders must apply together with the necessary documents. 

Which documents are needed?

The measurements of all the main buildings, common places, independent sections, all the stakeholder's signatures, architecture projects allowance. A management plan which is signed by the owners or the stakeholders.

Where to apply

With these document mentioned, owners or stakeholders should apply to the related office of the property registration. The registration officer will take a look at papers, after he or she decides that process is done correctly, a contract is prepared which is also regarded as a registration request

How much to pay to the registration office

In 2018, according to the registration office, for every independent section, 232,60 TL is paid.  

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