If The Owners Do Not Pay Attention To This, The House Title Deed May Be Canceled!

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Hürriyet Newspaper writer Gülistan Alagöz received the cases that arise in construction contracts.

The risk of having a house in the construction contracts for the floors is not only for the entitlements, but also for the new consumer who bought the house from that project. For example, for an urban transformation project, the host agreed with the contractor firm. If the apartment has 30 apartments, the firm will make 50 and sell 20 apartments to finance the business. You've got one in 20 minutes. If the contractor leaves the business, you will be a victim like old houses. Apartment residents can cancel your case …

New Resıdentıals

We have written what we should be careful about when choosing a contractor company in the construction contracts for floor-to-floor construction contracts in the article "Do not Stay at Home", and we have also set road maps for the victims. Turns coming from the readers showed that a new form of victimization also emerged. The segment that is not interested in urban transformation but who buys a house from a project made within the scope of transformation can also be at home. Lawyer Ali Güvenç Kiraz, the Chairman of the Association of Real Estate Lawyers, said that the housing buyer had preferred to take part in the buildings where the house buyer had made a contract because of the more favorable conditions.

The contractor receives the apartments or shops that fall in accordance with the construction contract, depending on the condition of completion and delivery of the construction. Kiraz stated that he could not get this right after the completion of the construction. "The Court of Cassation, on the other hand, shows the moment when the contractor deserves these independent sections as a 90% actual completion rate. If 90 percent of the construction is not completed and the contractor has left, has gone bankrupt, has not completed the construction for the specified period, or if it can not be completed within the stated time, the landowners have 2 options. Either they will terminate the contract effectively, that is they will cancel or they will demand a decision from the court to finish the construction. If the contract is demanded to be terminated effectively, the contractors will be able to cancel the tribes of the consumers who bought the apartments or shops containing these conditions. The only legal process that a consumer whose title deed is canceled is to demand a price that he has paid from the contractor. If there is a contractor who has already gone bad and has gone bankrupt, there will be a huge disadvantage because we will not be able to recover the cost in any way ". Kiraz added that even if the construction actually exceeded 90 per cent, the landowners had the right to refuse to surrender the building if they were seriously flawed (if they could not be seated) and that all the contractors would own the property and the tiles of those who purchased the apartments would be canceled.

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