In How Long Will The Value Of The House Purchased Be Increased?

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In How Long Will The Value Of The House Purchased Be Increased?

In addition to the regulations that have taken place in recent years in the real estate sector, the availability of housing loan interest rates and the increase in urban transformation projects are among the factors driving the dynamics of the sector. The increase in the value of housing in the real estate market varies according to certain criteria.

The fact that the area to be selected when buying a house is close to the main points such as metro, hospital, airport, university is an important factor in the value increase. In addition, according to new regulations, the value of projects built in accordance with the earthquake regulations takes a much shorter time to be spent compared to other houses. The rent multiplier ratio on the value of the house purchased is the most important factor determining the balance.

The value of the house purchased is easily determined by the rent multiplier ratio

The rent multiplier, which is defined as the period of self-depreciation of the purchased house or the cost-recovery period for the house, is also used to calculate the real value of real estate. The rent multiplier ratio varies with the country in our country. In big cities like Istanbul, rent multiplier ratios among the districts can have big differences. Newly developed regions in Istanbul are attracting attention as advantageous conditions as rent multiplier.

How is the ideal rent multiplier ratio determined?

If the house to be purchased is known to have a rent multiplier, it is possible to make the right investment by having an idea about the house price. Houses with low rent multipliers are shorter. Lease rates can be doubled within 7 years at the latest in homes where rent multipliers are below 250. The ideal rent multiplier ratio varies depending on the structure of the real estate and the type of property. In our country, the ideal rent multiplier ratio in the housing market is between 120 and 240, while in the shops and offices this rate can be as high as 350. Rent multiplier ratios may vary from time to time according to supply demand balance, economic conditions and expectations.

How is the rent multiplier calculated?

Rent multiplier rates can be calculated monthly or annually. The rent multiplier ratio can easily be reached when the price of the purchased house is divided by the monthly rental price line. The monthly rent multiplier method is used in the calculation because the rent is paid monthly in our country. For example, if the monthly rental income of a house taken for 240.000 liras is 1,000 liras, the rent multiplier is 240. Considering that the rents are paid on a monthly basis, the housing cost can be reached in 20 years. The rent multiplier continues to decline as the rental rate increases in districts with high rent incentives. In this case, the folding time is very short with the value of the house purchased.

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