In the First hearing of Riva Tender the Highest Offer is 1 Billion Turkish Liras

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With the help of Emlak Konut GYO the first hearing of Riva had done. For the area of 1.1 billion square meter the highest offer came from DAP Holding with 1 billion Turkish Liras. The first hearing of the land situated in İstanbul Beykoz had already done in 8 June 2017. For the land that Emlak Konut GYO bought from Galatasaray Sport Club which is about 1.1 billion square meters 9 different company had participated to the first hearing of Riva. While 9 company had participated the highest offer came from DAP Holding. The second hearing will take place in 15 June 2017.


The chairman of the executive board of DAP Holding Ziya Yılmaz said that they were willing for Riva and still eager for it. He also talked about the first hearing. He said that its’ been a long time that we pursue the land of the very rooted sport club Galatasaray. The land is situated in a very good location and precious area.

We Are Ready and Waiting the Second Hearing

In his last words he said these. We are pleased to win the first hearing and we really want to be able to give the highest offer in the second hearing and get the Riva tender. We hope that the project will be beneficent for Emlak GYO, Galatasaray Sport Club and DAP Holding.


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