In Which Neighborhoods Is Greatest Value Increase In Ataşehir?

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In Which Neighborhoods Is Greatest Value Increase In Ataşehir?

The price increases seen in housing prices in Ataşehir continue. According to the ads in, there are places where the sales prices of houses in Ataşehir increased by 91 percent in the last 4 years.

In the district of Ataşehir, which is one of the most popular districts of Istanbul in real estate with solid foundation after 17 August 1999 earthquake disaster, there is a trend of constant increase in real estate prices with proper structuring, qualified and branded houses, A + offices, shopping places and bazaars. it is seen that the appreciation will continue with the advantage of being right next to the Istanbul International Finance Center which is under construction.

A total of 17 neighborhoods, Ataşehir has about 450 thousand population. In the last 4 years, the rate of increase in the prices of housing in the last 4 years, 91.1 percent increase in the neighborhoods Kayışdağı, 81.4 percent increase with the increase of 56 percent and Innerenköy emerges as. With these increases, the average house price in the district of Kayışdağı was calculated as 309 thousand 345 TL, the average house price in the İnönü district was 412 thousand 949 TL and the average residential sale price in the İçerenköy district was 489 thousand TL.

In the district, Esatpaşa, Fetih and İçerenköy were ranked as the three neighborhoods where housing prices increased the most in the last 4 years. The average square meter rental price in the Esatpaşa district was TL 1,357, TL 1,528 in the Fatih district and TL 1,653 in the İçerenköy district.

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