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Protecting historical places has a vital importance due to their cultural legacies. When a country or any specific city in any country is mentioned, they have been told about their historical places, cultural accumulations and natures. Thus, protecting nature and history in cities is important for both tourism and nations' value of culture. Everyday there are lots of news about restorating of places, founding new places etc. One of these news come from Turkey. Beykoz, a small district in Istanbul, has lots of historical places. Beykoz Municipality decided to do inventroy working for these places. Beykoz Municipality has started inventory works in historical places of district in order to protect cultural heritage. 

The Municipality made an explanation that the owner of the places were informed about the security precautions in buildings during the working. A statement released about the registration record of buildings to be treated.


The statement record is as in below

Totally twenty eight (28) buildings were started to be treated which are located in the neighborhoods Merkez, Yenimahalle and Kanlıca. In these neighborhoods there are several illegal actions threatened human life and security such as prostitution, drug usage etc. Thus, these neighborhoods have the priority. The warning letters about taking security precautions in the time interval determined by Zoning Law has been sent to the owners of treated buildings by Plan – Project Directorate. If there are places without any taken precautions, then these places' securities will be achieved but the condition for that is to take the money spent from the owners. This process has started by having necessary permissions from the related institutions and organizantions within accordance to Zoning Law's 39th item. 

The statement continues about giving information of number of buildings. There are 300 old place has been recorded and 240 of them are determined to start inventory working. According to research in area, 171 of 240 place has no registration record. Thus, Protection Law was applied about these buildings. As a result of application, 115 constructions were decided as worth to protect. The registration records were created for these constructions and they were recorded as historical and cultural heritage of Beykoz. 

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