Investor Interestıngs Are Property And Land!

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Investor Interestıngs Are Property And Land!

Mobility in financial markets and foreign exchange has slowed down real estate sales. Sector representatives said that investors who had a foreign exchange in the last few months and who are waiting to buy real estate have gone to wait.

The Prıce Of Housıng In Istanbul Is Same As Four Years Ago

We have made a new evaluation with Görkem Öğüt who is the CEO of Endeksa and founder partner, and its managing partner Aylin Daylan on the last data. According to the index, the value of residential sales in Istanbul seems to have returned to the level of four years ago.


That’s what your graph shows. Advice, pointing out that this could not be explained as a price drop, it could also be the effect of the transition from branded houses to cheap housing. Öğüt said that “It is possible to read this data in several different ways. Demand for branded housing projects has also increased rapidly since 2015. The resulting prices continued to rise until mid-2016. From the middle of 2016, cheap housing starts to enter the market after the economic developments. Likewise, stocks in branded housing projects have decreased.” Accordingly, cheap priced housing seems to have pulled the average down a little.

‘2 + 1’ Houses Are More Valued

According to the index, housing prices in terms of the number of rooms, the price increase compared to 4 years ago seems to be ‘2 plus 1’. In the last 4 years, the average price per square meter of these types of houses has increased by 43.49 percent.

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