Investors Interests Are Now in Lands

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Mobilities in financial issues and foreign currencies were affected the real estate markets in a negative way. The sales in real estate sector is getting lower. Responsable persons in the sectors indicated that the ones with some dollar or euro savings are waiting before investing.

Endeksa was done a comprehensive study about the invesment areas.

According to the last interview with the CEO of Endeksa Görkem Öğüt and manager partner Aylin Daylan the prices of residences in Istanbul turned into 4 years before prices. Öğüt said that it cannat be totally interpreted as lowering in prices, there can be some effects of moving from residences with brands to cheap-price houses.

2+1 floor residences had the largest percent of increasing. 

According to Endeksa data, 2+1 floor type residences’ price increased so much compared to 4 years before data. In fact, it was not affected by inflation.

Görkem Öğüt and Aylin Daylan took attention especially to Aegean Area. The real estate market is quite alive in there. In fact, the residences gain value over 100 percent in last 4 years in İzmir-Urla.

Increasing mobility in land sector. 

It is hard to say anything exactly before having TÜİK 2018 data according to the last observations, the investors are now interested in land more than residences. ERA Real Estate Turkey CEO Özhan Atalay said that there is mobility in financial sectors and foreign currency, thus they resulted decrease in activity in real estate sector. Especially, in last few months, there are investors with some amount of money waiting proper investment.

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