Istanbul’s 7 Districts Hit The Lottery! New Subway Line Arrives

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A tender will be start on 10 January for preliminary preparations for the 30 km subway project that will link 7 districts of Istanbul. The tender will be held on 10 January for the preliminary preparations of the 30 km long rail system project planned to be made between Küçükçekmece- Çatalca and Arnavutköy- Çatalca- Büyükçekmece- Esenyurt- Avcılar- Küçükçekmece- Başakşehir districts.


Metro Rio, Rio de Janeiro


7 Subway Lines


Work will be carried out in the “service procurement” contract to be carried out by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning Directorate with open tender procedure in Arnavutköy- Çatalca- Büyükçekmece- Esenyurt- Avcılar- Küçükçekmece- Başakşehir districts where the project will pass. The tender to be held on January 10 will be followed by a research of the route of 30 km.


Feasibility Studies Will Last 6 Months…


6 month feasibility studies will be determined in line with the appropriate route, station locations will be determined and plans will be prepared for this. Following the approval of the plans, the construction tender will be arranged in accordance with the international and credible tender. In the preparation of technical specifications, the possibility of receiving offers from all over the world will be taken into consideration. Progressive tender will be regulated for subway lines.


It is expected that most real estate prices in Istanbul will increase. At the same time, it will also provide a transport convenience for those living in Istanbul. After the tender to be held on January 10, subway routes will be determined and the process will begin.

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