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According to GYODER’s research on potential buyers, housing buyers agree to pay 26 percent of the difference for the branded house. At this point, Eagle, which is a region that hosts a large number of branded housing projects, is becoming a new center of attraction with its Anatolian side becoming Maslak and Levent. Drawing attention to its location, rapid development, and re-structuring areas, Kartal is one of the most important regions in Istanbul. In terms of price advantage, he emphasized that it is the right time to buy housing from projects with immediate delivery, emphasizing that the construction costs such as iron and cement and the increase in foreign currencies are not reflected in the prices of the houses in the existing projects, emphasizing that housing prices will inevitably rise when stocks are consumed. Attention was given to rapid price increases in the third quarter of 2018, together with new homes to be built due to the continuing increase in final, foreign exchange and construction costs. Stating that the existing housing stocks will start to decline due to this expectation, he recommended that consumers who want to buy housing should make quick decisions to not miss attractive prices that have not yet been raised.


According to GYODER’s “Under the Magnificent Potential Housing Receiver-Istanbul Report”; Tamer Son reminded that the expectation of projects that are worthwhile for consumers, whether for sitting or for investment, is very high, and noted that Kartal will be valued at a much faster pace over the next few years.

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