Kabataş Concrete Seagull Project

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At a press conference attended by city and environmental organizations representatives, Selen Bilgor who made a statement in the name of Istanbul City Defense, “When the start date of construction was August 10, 2016, the revised proclamation of the Protection Board was 6 October 2016, CED is not required decision’s date 26 October 2016. Moreover, the plan change has not been released yet “said.




Everything That Is Not Istanbul


Emphasizing that 15 thousand signatures were collected for stopping the project, Selen Bilgor said, “İMM President Kadir Topbas has forgotten that ‘I will ask the public even the place of a bus stop’. Istanbul’s history and culture are being destroyed, “by say, crying that Istanbul looks like everything else except Istanbul, Maybe we desperately need someone to hear our voice. Mrs. Selen is also angry to the architecture of the project, “We are saying him ‘concrete head’, because of this city made of concrete.”


It Will Be Transfer Center


The project of “Kabataş Transfer Center Project” which is known as “Martı Project” has been started as construction of wings open on seaside in Kabatas coast for months, and piling operations are proceeding at full speed for the piers extending towards the sea. The sea bus, ferryboat and sea bus piers will be renewed in the project. Due to construction, Kabataş will be closed to sea traffic for 2 years. The project is expected to reorganize the area of approximately 90 thousand square meters.

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