Keller Williams Reunion in Bodrum

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Keller Williams Reunion in Bodrum

The world’s greatest real estate consulting company Keller Williams is meeting in Bodrum. 400 consultants will be coming together in Bodrum this year. Every year Keller Williams organizes a great family meeting with all the Keller Williams related consultants for both vocational education and personal development.


This year Keller Williams is carrying their family meeting to Bodrum, Turkey. Turkish Keller Williams workers are working hard to organize this family meeting with all the Keller Williams consultants.


Founded by Gary Keller and Joe Williams, Keller Williams is all over the world and the leader of the real estate consulting market. Every year Keller Williams are organizing a family reunion for their offices and expert consultants all over the world. Until this year, Keller Williams’ family reunion was organized in United States of America. But this year Keller Williams is meeting in Bodrum, Turkey.


Keller Williams Turkey Country Manager Emre Erol is telling that they are delighting in carrying the Keller Williams family reunion in Bodrum, Turkey. In this Keller Williams’ family reunion, international managers of Keller Williams will be getting together with themselves and with successful consultants. In the Keller Williams meeting they will be talking about the pros and cons of real estate market and they will be trying to figure out the problems in real estate market. Many experts will be lecturing and they will have the chance of an increasing success.


Being a world leader in all the real estate consulting companies, Keller Williams is organizing a reunion and meeting up with successful experts and consultants every year. This year Keller Williams is meeting in Bodrum, Turkey.


Different from past years, Keller Williams’ family reunion is not taking place in the United States, but in Bodrum. In this meeting, managers of Keller Williams’ offices, consultants and experts will be coming together.

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