Maslak Rises to The Peak in Rental Prices

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Maslak competes with Etiler – Levent area, leader in this classification, in office rental prices.

Maslak, in which rental prices have increased by 50 % on the basis of square meter prices of offices in the last 5 years, rises to the peak in rental prices. Based on this information, Maslak will catch Etiler – Levent area, the most expensive field about office rental prices, soon. TSKB Gayrimenkul Değerleme LTD’s Appraiser, Delal Ekinci, who shared his “Maslak – Ayazaga Field Appraisement Report” with an AA pressman, has reminded that those two neighbours have been connected to Sariyer by court decision while they were connected to Sisli in 2012.

Ekinci, states that Maslak – Ayazaga area, one of the most favoured business centers, goes on increasing in value and prestige thanks to the quality office and house projects which have been completed and the ones which is still being designed.

Ekinci, who says that Maslak appeals to elite class which has high income thanks to its business centres and Ayazaga is a mixed area which appeals to low, middle and elite class, also states: “While Cendere Valley of Ayazaga had been planned to become an ‘Education, Science and Technology Area’ in 2011, transformation period of the area in Industry, Storing and Logistic sector use has been started, now. This has become a key point in value increase of the field. Ayazağa goes on becoming a home to new projects by also increasing the value of Maslak thanks to its own developments.”

There is discrimination in house prices in Ayazaga

Ekinci also says that there are mixed projects which are still under construction, and it is considered that these projects will increase the attraction in the area after completion of the constructions. The prices vary based on quality.

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